Congratulations And Welcome!
What Can I Draw For You?
I'm going to need some details from you about what you want in your Lycan Knight Commission.
  • Tell me about your Chracter
  • Tell me what you want them to wear
  • Any special things about their personality
  • Their Profession
  • Their way of life.
  • Good, Neutral, Evil, Ect.
  • Magical items
  • Special features.
  • Familliars, Pets, Steeds, Companions.
  • What would you like in the background?

All this is important to let me know, just exactly how I should draw your character to meet your exact specifications and draw the perfect picture of Your character exactly how you imagine them to be!

Time to send me an email with all that information, so I can grant your Free Quote!

The more information about your character that you provide me with allows me to visualize them in my mind and work up your quote apporoprately for you.

You ready?

Here We Go!