What Was
One day as a young lad, I thought it would be great to become a Creative Professional. An artist by the layman's terms of it. Not just any artist mind you. A Fantasy Artist. What difference does it make you ask? Only that it makes for a much more narrow niche than contemporary artists already have a devil of a time getting a foot hold on to found any sort of career with, much less strike out and make a business out of. So Hopes, Dreams and HS diploma in hand, I struck out to Art school. Advertising and Graphic Design school to be precise. Silly me, I figured that there would always be a need for folks to advertise and I'd be the guy to do it for them. Turns out, Yes, the advertising need still exists, sadly few now hire pros to do it for them anymore. Software and Computers in the digital age have torpedoed my torpedo-proof plan. KABOOM! So I struck out with the ad biz... What comes next. Well how about T-Shirt printing. Ah, people always want prints on things, I found work doing that, pay was better than labor, and I finally get to flex my creative muscles for a living. Worked for a little while till another lightning bolt of Epiphany struck. Why make all that $ for someone else? I'll go Freelance. "Ah the big time awaits." or so thought I.
What Is
My how time flies. Here it is 10 years into the big Freelance, self employment gig. I must admit that it is fun working for myself, the freedom is really intoxicating. But it is also the most scary thing I have ever done. Responsibility X infinity. Good thing I have broad shoulders because the world sits squarely on them like a custom support. Atlas must have retired, and I got the gig de facto me thinks. No worries though. Thank God for every small miracle that scoots us on downstream to our goals and that the business is stabilizing and growing. A very special thanks to the lovely and talented RavynEdge and her brilliant imagination for jewelry craft. Our combined brainchild of Unnatural Forces now has legs to stand on while we continue to adapt the creative business with meeting the demands of an ever changing creative market. With the prospect of us now attempting to become mobile, the odds are still against us. However, the spread is finally tipping in our favor. We still need to get the boat up to speed and floating and then figure out what to tackle next. It is very puzzling being a pioneer in a situation where few have tread and fewer have so boldly sought after as we. So we are seeking the holy Grail that can finally get the business off of life support and finally get this show moving in the right direction. This is beginning to sound familiar... Don't you think? Posh, I feel that great success is nearly within our grasp. (Gotta love positive thinking.)
What May Be
What a Crazy life. What almost reads like a comedy of grand scale is the whirl wind ride I call a history. With 45 years behind me, I can only hope that, with any luck and the grace of the Almighty, that the future holds the ultimate answer for the collection of crazy that is in our wake. (Something far more practical... philosophical even than -42- I hope.) New prospects and even greater chances always come and go. It is all about looking to the stars and saying -that one is mine- and reach for that little bugger till my last breath. With a little faith and some good old fashioned stubbornness -A trait my family may have invented, but really can't prove- we forge on to the future a lot wiser and maybe even a lot crazier that before. Who wants normal anyway right? I am an artist, we just have to reach all the higher to snag that ultimate dream of equilibrium with the universe. Catch me if you can.